Friday, 13 November 2009

VMware Vsphere Lab-How to Part 3

Part 3 covers:
1)OpenFiler Setup for ESX server
2)iSCSI HBA setup (ESX)
4)Vmotion setup
5)Live Vmotion!

Vsphere within VMware Workstation 7 Part 3 from Richard Vimeo on Vimeo.


Jose said...

Hi Roggy,

Once again, excellent tutorial. Congrats on the Vexpert certification. I have a question on a project I´currently working on. I´m about to install an ESX server to host about 10-15 server (Windows and Linux). My idea is to have another server running on OpenFiler connected to a DELL PowerVault with 15 1TB disks. What I want to do is create multiple iSCSI volumes in OpenFiler and present them to the ESX server for guest use. Is this a good setup? Do you think is better to create just a huge LUN and segment the disk inside ESX or is better to create different ISCSI targets in Openfiler and then create different Datastores in ESX?

Thanks and regards,


Roggy said...

Sounds like a good plan.

Try and remember to keep your storage network separate and redundant (multiple nics, multiple paths)

Good luck :)

somashekar said...

Thanks a Lot , It has wonderful expalmation as well as video..

Very much understanding and we succeeded in setting up as your lab.

Its great and Excellent...!

-Som & Ashish