Friday, 13 November 2009

VMware Vsphere Lab-How to Part 1

Vsphere within VMware Workstation 7 Part 1 from Richard Vimeo on Vimeo.

This video includes intial Lab Setup,installing ESX 4 and installing VSphere Client.

Here are the links from the presentation:
DotNet 2.0 SP1
XML Shared
DotNet 3.0
DotNet 3.0 SP1


effendi said...

Great walkthru - I've been using Part 1 to set up my own test lab - and I'm running into a spot of bother. I've gotten W2k3 and ESX1 up and configured as in your video, but I am unable to ping one from the other. I have them all on the same LAN segment, I have them with the same IPs as in the video ( and ) but... no love.

Any ideas?

I was using workstation 7.1 beta and tried going to workstation 7.0, same thing.

Roggy said...

Check to see if you are getting a layer 2 connection (use arp -a on windows) if you arent check that they are mapped correctly. Use the right-click disconnect option within vmware to disconnec the nic, then refresh the status of the vm to check.

If you are getting a mac address then its a layer 3 problem look for firewall etc getting in the way.
You may also want to try a broadcast ping from the esx box.

effendi said...

Thanks for your ideas - I did figure out the problem - I run workstation on a linux host. To be able to do host only lan segments, it appears you need to run workstation as root.

After that I'm now starting Part 3 today -thanks again, your demos / tutorials are excellent!