Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Bad Customer Service

Well I really hate to do this, its my second post and already I am on to the bad stuff.

Firstly let me say that I buy a lot of computer equipment from a variety of suppliers, so I'd like to think I am in a good position to judge "good" support and bad support.

Let me start this example half way through, I have to return 2 ATI radeon video cards (one was X1900XTX the other X1950XTX) and a purchased a band new G70 Lian li case.

1)Lian li case - purchased online via

Purchased the case (which was in stock) and some other misc items on Friday.
Ideally it should have been shipped on Friday and received on Monday, but it did not turn up.
After contacting specialtech, they assured me it would be dispatched on Tuesday (the warehouse discovered a scratch on the case and is sourcing a replacement)
This morning (wednesday) I receive another email saying that the item had been lost by Amtrack and they will be sending it direct to me.

Ok,ok I am a bit pissed that it isnt here, however they have been unlucky and more importantly they kept me informed at every stage - Good customer service.

2) X1900XTX - returned to

I am not scan's biggest fan, so much so that I have stopped buying anything there, even if it costs me more. However I still have a few items that are still under warentey with them.
The card was return and confirmed to be faulty, they have the stock they have the authorisation, yet it still is not picked? They say they are busy, I say they have had four days to walk into a warehouse and get something off the shelf.

I have not had any apology, I have not been kept informed - Bad customer service.

3)X1950CF - returned to

These have started to become my new source of equipment and the returns I have done through them have been dealt with well.

So I have had a mail from them agreeing to return the item and an email confirming the "outgoing order", but still no card.
I have just got off the phone with them, and they said that "the item is not in stock and we do not know when we will be getting more in"

They offered me a refund which I have taken, the R600 should be out soon and im better off saving my money for one of those babys.

Meanwhile my dining room looks like this:

Good news is hopefully my new phase change unit will be here soon, I keep on thinking i'll be done week next. Problem is I don't think that "next week, next week I love ya next week.."
will ever be made into a song.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

My First post

So this is my first post..hopefully there will be many to come.

I recently got a Sony Ericsson, W850i which has a rather cool "blog it" function, so Im having a play around with that....well I was until I got this error message:
Oh well..who say bleeding edge isn't with out its problems :)