Friday, 13 November 2009

Testing Vyatta with QoS and Asterisk(Elastix)

Well, we have done something every simular here

However this time we are going all opensource :)


Cititechs said...

I see how you simulated the Frame Relay connections in VMware and applied QOS to those links. Do you think the same can be done with VPN I haven’t used Vyatta but I believe Vyatta uses OpenVPN and if am not mistaken for every vpn policy it creates an interface something alongs the lines of TUN gets created I wonder while the VPN is established if a QOS can be created on that interface.

Roggy said...

Yeah thats pretty much spot on.

Remember that you will want a policy on your "wan" interface controlling upstream traffic and one on your "tun" interface controlling downstream

Cititechs said...

I would like your help with this config. I want to setup this config in a lab. Than maybe deploy it down the line.Where should I contact you ?

Roggy said...

Well I do have a lab here on how to do 90% of this here:

However you are welcome to mail me here:
rogard7759 at googlemail dot com