Thursday, 29 July 2010

Vyatta - Final 6.0 with updated VMtools for vSphere 4.1

So its been a busy few weeks with all the news and related blog articles on vSphere 4.1
I finally got around to extracting vmtools 8.3.x and intergrating it into the Vyatta Appliance.

There is also something different with this release, the source code for vmtools has been modified to prevent Large Recieve Offload.LRO is defined as:

In computer networking, large receive offload is a technique for increasing inbound throughput of high-bandwidth network connections by reducing CPU overhead. It works by aggregating multiple incoming packets from a single stream into a larger buffer before they are passed higher up the networking stack, thus reducing the number of packets that have to be processed. In Linux, it is generally used in conjunction with the New API (NAPI) to also reduce the number of interrupts.

There have been a few users reporting an issue with LRO and others requesting the intergration of the latest version of here you go:

Download Vyatta VC 6 with LRO patch and the latest VMtools

I would like a few people to test this release and let mw know how it goes before making it live on the VAM.



debizaemon said...

Having messed around with 6.1 and vmtools, I gave up and decided to use your working version. Is there an easy way to reset all config data without losing vmtools functionality??

Great Blog by the way and should you ever find yourself in Tokyo, allow me to by you a few drinks for helping me with a wealth of information.

Roggy said...

Thats a kind offer and ill bare that in min :)

Glad you find my ramblings useful :)

I havent managed to get a version on 6.1 working with vmtools yet due to the lack of packages and the kernel change (32)..but ill keep hammering at it :)

nerdynerdnerdz said...

I am new to VMware workstation but I like your vids. I will be working with Vcenter for my employer. Any tips on how to enhance my knowlege of vmware vcenter programs. I have a few systems at home I can convert to a sever. I have Workstation and windows server installed on the server. An suggestions on how I could set up a labserver with multiple accounts and computers connecting to file/database servers? pls help

Koen de Laat said...

I have a question about a OpenVPN tunnel between two sites. Since on site one some ports are blocked by the ISP I wanted to create a forward through the tunnel.
So in other words, I want be able to reach a server in site_1 from outside using the public ip address of site_2. Is this possible at all?
I got it working that the request is forwarded through the tunnel, but the result is not comming back.

Can you maybe help me?

Charles Morris said...

Good evening to you.
I have read your blog and I must commend you on the wonderful video tutorials and other information you have posted. I am here asking you some assistance if you could help me please.
I am using Vyatta 6.2 and I would like to know how to configure time period and get it to work properly. I did some configuration on it but it keeps conflicting with my previous configuration by basically cancelling out the squidguard filter rule.
Can you render me some assistance please and thank.

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