Sunday, 20 June 2010

VMware View 4 - Tour!

Hey Everyone,

This is a long overdue video however it should be worth it :)

Hopefully this video will help those of you trying to get to griping with VDI/VMware View and answers questions like:

1) What is the composer? What does it do?
2) What is the agent? How do I fix "waiting for agent"?
3) What is PCoIP?

Reference Diagram:

Part 1:
Tour of VMware View 4
Components Required
Where to install components
What each bit does

VMware View 4 - Part 1 from Roggy on Vimeo.

Part 2:
Using the VMware View Manager
Desktop pools
Playing 720p video within VMware View Client with PCoIP

VMware View 4 - Part 2 from Roggy on Vimeo.


Picture taken from here (ty!):

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