Sunday, 20 June 2010

New Vyatta Appliance!

This is the most up to version of the VC6.0 release (June 01, 2010)
with VMware tools installed and ready to go.

Here is the download from VMware:

and the direct link:


Dan said...

I've been following some of your tutorials on Vyatta. Very helpful.

Just now I downloaded the appliance, but VMWare workstation 7 won't open it. It seems to want a .vmx file and ignores the .vmdk files. Can this appliance be used in VMWare workstation?

Roggy said...

Try file->import

or try changing the file type to ovf

Dan said...

I don't have an "import" on my file menu. (using workstation 7.1). No luck with the ovf rename either.

I was able to install it by creating a new custom VM and telling it to use an existing virtual disk. But then after I boot into Vyatta it throws numerous disk and IO errors.

Roggy said...

You should be able to just double click on the OVF file.

Dan said...

Do you mean File->open and select the ovf file? That has no effect.

Roggy said...

Windows will assoicate the OVF extention with vmware workstation.
Double clicking the OVF file starts the import.

Or at least it does with me.

If you still cannot get it to work, grab reinstall vmware workstation including all the optional components or download the standalone converter (free) from vmwares website.

Dan said...

Found the ovfconvert program on their website. Had to delete 3 sections of your ovf file that were getting errors and then it converted to a .vmx file. This came up in workstation without problem.

Now, if I could just fix my main problem which is that guests in a Team lose their lan segment connections. Usually this happens after I suspend and resume the team. No good way to get the guests to reconnect so you have to reinstall. I posted to the vmware forums, but haven't received any help.

At this point I am thinking it would be more productive to just physical machines for testing. Not terribly impressed with vmware.

Love your tutorials, though. I watched several of them. Very helpful.

Roggy said...

Hi Dan,

Not sure why you had so much trouble, its normally really easy to get working.

Whats your thread on the vmware forums Ill see if its a known issue or if I can help