Thursday, 11 March 2010

Network Monitoring/Sniffing using vSphere and PRTG

Hopefully this is an interesting video, as it combines using a vSphere infrastructure to get visibility of both your virtual and non-virtual networks.

Part 1
Quick tour of the Network Monitoring setup

Network Monitoring/Sniffing using vSphere and PRTG - Part 1 from Richard Vimeo on Vimeo.

Part 2
Setup VM
Setup Switch
Setup Vlan trunk (switch,port group,vSwitch)
Installing PRTG

Network Monitoring/Sniffing using vSphere and PRTG - Part 2 from Richard Vimeo on Vimeo.


leBolide said...

Which version of ESX/vSphere are you using? I'm trying something similar on vSphere 4.0.0 build-261974, but promiscuous mode doesn't seem to be working. On ESX / Configuration / Networking, I have a virtual switch, and both the switch and port groups set with Promiscuous ACCEPT, but inside my VM with Wireshark running, I only see sporadic broadcast traffic.

However, when I take the network cable from the ESX host and plug it into my laptop with Wireshark, I can see all the traffic on the network.

prolix said...

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Interno said...
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Interno said...

It should work perfectly even with vSphere 4.0. I have rested with older version as well, check your configuration one more time, or you can try with Oidview Network Monitoring tool.

Paul Adam said...

Help full video and good method for explanation by by part one and part 2 video thanks for sharing network monitoring