Thursday, 26 April 2012

VMware - I want these now! App Blast and Octopus

Small post - and just two small requests:

Project Octopus - Think dropbox for VMware yet enables Hybrid dropbox clouds too

Project Appblast - Like Citrix Access Gateway or Xen App but not Citrix Receiver as it is all HTML5!

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Sait Fırat NEMİŞ said...


I just learned vyatta with your tutorial videos and i would like to say so much thank you. Actually i am using pfSense which is fork of m0n0wall and i piss off because off each update mean tons of bugs.

I need to use vyatta as a multiwan firewall proxy server. I understood so many things from your tutorials but i just want learn something its important for me Multi-wan loadbalance, can i make multiwan connection for loadbalance out ? If i can make can you show me way for this ? I want to make firewall, dhcp , cache, url-filtering and multi-wan loadbalance.

Thank you so much.

Sait Firat NEMIS