Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Vyatta VC 6 - Final with VMware Tools Included

Hi Everyone,

Vyatta Released VC 6.0 late last month and although it did include OpenVM-tools which is great, there are a few people out there (myself included) who really want a VM to come already included with VMware tools and VMxnet3 especially performance matters at all to you :)

Sorry for the delay in getting this out, however compiling VMware tools for the Vyatta 2.6.31 custom kernel was not as easy as I had planned.

Here is the listing with VMware:

and here is the direct link:

And once you have downloaded it, why not give one of my labs ago here



len said...

Thank for the info.

Do you have a lab that deals with vlans (vif) and ospf?

Roggy said...

Only OSPF ..I can do one if you think it would be useful?

len said...

Could we PM on the question?

http://darkraider.webcindario.com/ said...

Thanks for the post Roggy, I have to install a FW and VPN. I will use Vyatta.

len said...

Roggy, find me on twitter @comtech360 so we can DM.

SFSCA said...

Can you please update Vyatta VC6 - Final so that VMware Tools work with ESXi 4.1. VMware Tools is 'Out of Date' with ESXi 4.1.

Roggy said...

Working on it atm.

As View 4 is not supported with vcenter 4.1. I might wait until view 4.5 comes out